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How To Find Out If Someone Owns A Timeshare

If you own a timeshare, you receive a right to use it to stay in vacation homes or resorts or hold a fraction of the timeshare property. You are also obligated to pay all the predetermined fees on your timeshare that might be in perpetuity. A timeshare will be transferred to your children or grandchildren when you pass away. This is one of the reasons why individuals want to know how do I find out if someone owns the property. We’ll try to figure it out in the article.

Why is confirming timeshare ownership essential?

Scams are relatively widespread in the timeshare industry. The only way to make timeshare deals clearer is to verify ownership before buying, transferring, or renting a timeshare out. It is exceptionally efficient when involved in a private transaction between two parties. Confirming timeshare ownership is also vital during a timeshare resale process. If the timeshare deal ends successfully, multiple previous timeshare owners want to know whether their names are no longer mentioned in the deed. This is the only pledge of getting out of an obligation to pay burdensome maintenance fees.

How do I find out if someone owns property: the proven ways

1. Call the resort

The easiest way to find out if someone owns the property is by asking the resort. Most modern timeshare developers will tell you who owns a particular unit, although you should be polite when asking. Timeshare companies aren’t that free to divulge confidential information, but they are likely to tell if someone owns a timeshare. Just mention their names and other details to sound more convincing. After all, you will at least receive the necessary contacts if a resort doesn’t have the information you are seeking.

2. Contact the corporate office

Most timeshare companies incorporate offices to track who owns timeshares, even though they aren’t likely to share that personal information. Unless you provide them with all the necessary documents or details, in the case when you want to figure out whether your deceased parent or relative owned a timeshare. Be ready to spend some time and effort on this process, but it is usually worth it. Typically, you will need to prove the death of an owner by showing the death certificate and sending the proof of your relationship with a deceased timeshare owner. 

3. Seek a timeshare deed

Within deeded timeshares, a timeshare company typically issues a deed to the owners. Such deeds should be recorded in the counties where a vacation home or resort is located, and it appears like an excellent option to discover who owns a timeshare. You can do this online with county databases or via the city clerks. Verify whether a particular county offers an online platform with recorded deeds. If yes, you need to fill in the required info about a timeshare owner to determine who owns a particular timeshare property.