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Trendy and Minimalist Furniture | DIY Project Guide

DIY Shopping list (can be used to make beechwood table top): 

  • approximately 3 000 mm lengths of 8mm round steel bar: you will need two 3 000 mm lengths per hanger (four 3 000 mm lengths for a chandelier-type hanger); 
  • also refer to the tip at step 1 one or more steel discs or ‘medallions’ with a diameter of 80mm and a thickness of 6mm 1 000 mm length of steel angle iron (enough for ground spikes for four lantern hangers).

Other welding rods:

– lacquer thinners 

– metal primer 

– spray paint (in a color of your choice).


– hacksaw 

– bench 

– vice pencil or chalk vice grips 

– welding machine and welding rods 

– safety equipment (gloves and a mask) 

– combination square 

– steel ruler 

– tape measure 

– 90/45-degree magnets 

– metal file chipping hammer 

– wire brush 

– angle grinder 

– rag

Get started

1  Cut two short sections of 8mm steel bar and position these in a bench vice. Place a 3 000mm piece of steel bar between these short sections and then use the parts to bend the steel bar, as shown, according to the shape you require. We created a 180-degree curve (±300mm diameter) at one end of the 3000mm length with the end rounded neatly to form our hanger. (Refer to the diagram in step 2 for clarity.) 

Tip: When you start the project make sure that the initial steel bar is longer than the design you are creating as this will help you to bend the last section of the design more easily.

2  Use a pencil or chalk to mark out the shape of the lantern hanger onto the floor, workbench or a steel surface. Keep checking the shape against this template as you bend it. Use a hacksaw to cut the end to finish off the shape.

3  Repeat the shaping process until you have the required number of lengths with ‘scrolled’ ends. Place these, two at a time, into position on top of your diagram on the floor and weld two together at 40-50mm intervals down the shaft, as shown on the diagram. Repeat this step with the second or third sets if you have decided to make more than one. Use vice grips to hold them together while you weld.

4  If you are creating a chandelier-type lantern hanger, place four ‘scrolled’ ends in position and hold these together with a pair of vice grips before welding the structure together, as in step 3.

5  Mark measurements of about 250mm along the length of angle iron. Mark a 45-degree angle at one end of each 250mm length using the combination square. Use a hacksaw to cut the four lengths and angles.

6  Use the pencil or chalk and a steel ruler to mark the center of a metal disc. Use a magnet to hold a length of angle iron in position (centered) on top of the disc and then weld it to the disc.

7  Place each hanger in a vice and use a tape measure and hacksaw to measure and cut each one to length, 1 500mm from the top of the curve.

8  Weld the disc and angle iron section to the pairs of hangers, as shown. Once you have completed all the hangers, use a metal file to round the ends and remove burrs. Chipping hammer cane used in such a case to remove any flux. After that use the wire brush in hard-to-reach places. Don’t forget about the angle grinder to finish off any rough welds. Wipe the steel sections with the help of a  thin, soaked rag to remove any dirt. Finish the steel frame using a steel primer followed by spray paint in the color of your choice. We chose a white finish for ours

Project notes 

We used the same shape to create a lantern hanger with both two and four scrolls. Whether you are making one or more lantern holders, it is advisable to have a pattern (or jig) to work to ensure uniform results.