Animated Video

Make a Hand-Drawn Animated Video for Your Business

In our modern world, there are a lot of exciting, fresh and original ways to promote your business. The most common and useful of them are various animation videos for business.

Keep on reading, and you will get to know a lot of useful information about this business idea and learn how to make hand-drawn animation.

What is a Video with Hand Drawn Animation Used for?

Animated drawing is commonly used in various spheres of business, including marketing. Why are these hand drawn videos so widespread today? First of all, they represent a new approach to running activity. The marketers started to use hand animated videos to attract their customers. 

On the one hand, it is more interesting to get to know about some business ideas from these videos in an entertaining form. And, on the other hand, it is easier for people in business to present and explain their plans and opinions in a few minutes.

How to Create a Unique Video with Hand Drawn Animation? 

As the hand-drawn animated videos are rather popular today, you may already face with some of them. It is essential not just to copy them but make your original video.

There are some tips about creating a video with hand-drawn animation:

•    Start with creating a bright, exciting script which will be able to express all your main ideas, concerning business.

•    The next step is a storyboard. Don’t be afraid if you are unfamiliar with this notion or the process itself. The professional illustrators, animators and actors who voice different roles will help you to organize all hand animated drawings and voice effects in your video. When the storyboard is already done, it must be approved by your creative director.

•    We will advise you to cooperate only with professional animators or animation studios. Remember that animation of your hand-drawn animation video is one of the most critical steps in creating your business promoting the video.  

•    The same tip also applies to actors who voice your video. Don’t forget about this crucial step as well. So make sure that your voice actor will cope with that task. He or she must mainly not just use the voice but express some basic emotions and feelings as well. The target audience will undoubtedly feel that, and your video will succeed.

•    Watch a few hands drawn videos of other marketing companies or people in business, before starting to create your one. With the help of that, you may notice some mistakes or drawbacks in these videos and try to avoid them in your hand-animated video.

Business promotion demands using new approaches. The creation of a video with hand-drawn animation is the most popular one of them. Just follow some recommendations to succeed.